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Cosmetic Dentistry


With the durability and strength of new composite fillings, you need not show any teeth with silver fillings. Advances in dental materials and technology have produced composite filling materials that are as durable as amalgam fillings.

Composites are a cosmetic dentistry treatment that have been used in anterior teeth for decades. This tooth-colored filling material has been used to fill cavities in front teeth so that no one can tell you had dental work.

However, posterior teeth posed a special problem. The pressure exerted by chewing was too much for composites to withstand, so they were seldom used to fill back teeth. Recently, dental advancements have made it possible to apply tooth colored fillings to molars as well. With the new curing systems available, the composites are sturdy and durable as well as aesthetically appealing.

Now you can smile, laugh, sing, and not think twice about how your back teeth appear. They will look just as natural as all your other teeth.?

There are a variety of composite resins on the market today. They contain a mix of plastic and glass or ceramic. Each type has its advantages. Some have specific uses. Light-cured resins require the use of a special blue light to cure or harden the composite material. The filling is put down in layers and the light is used on each layer ensuring that the filling is completely hardened throughout. A reaction is activated in the resin when the light is used and this causes the material to harden. These are the strongest and most durable composite resins. All composites are available in shades that match your natural tooth color.

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Missing teeth can cause anxiety when you need to make a public appearance. Everyone prefers to have their smile look attractive and having gaps caused by missing teeth is not very appealing. Restore your smile and self-confidence by replacing missing teeth with beautifully designed artificial teeth.

Dental bridges do more than just make your smile attractive once again. The space caused by missing teeth poses a variety of problems that can affect your oral health and possibly even your general health. Has your diet changed to softer foods because you cannot chew meats or raw vegetables? The vitamins and minerals found in green, leafy vegetables and meats keep you healthy and vibrant. When you have missing teeth and cannot properly chew these foods, your body is missing key nutrients.

In addition, the teeth on either side of the space are likely to begin shifting out of place. This can cause food traps to form between your remaining teeth and your bite to become misaligned. Food traps leave you more susceptible to plaque and tartar buildup which in turn leads to gum disease.

A dental bridge restores the missing teeth, gives you a nice smile once again, and prevents existing teeth from getting out of alignment. A bridge also gives you back the chewing or biting surface you need to handle healthy foods.

A well-made dental bridge looks and feels like your natural teeth. The artificial teeth span the space between existing teeth. Those existing teeth are called abutment teeth. The artificial teeth are attached to crowns that cover the abutment teeth. Dental bridgework can be made to fit over existing teeth or dental implants.

If you have windows in your smile that you would like to close, contact Lane Family Dental today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Lane. Get your teeth examined and discover your best options for a healthy smile.


It may seem that all the Hollywood stars were born with beautifully shaped, bright white teeth, but that is not usually the case. Since the early days of the silver screen, dental veneers have been used in Tinsel Town to make the smiles of the stars attractive. Today, just about anyone can have access to a perfect smile through porcelain veneers. When it comes to enhancing your smile with cosmetic dentistry, this is a preferred method used by many people.

Medical-grade ceramic is attached to the front of your existing teeth, covering up any flaws that have kept your smile from being attractive. Advancements in dental technology have evolved so that the veneers of today look so much like your natural teeth, it is difficult for anyone to tell they are not real. Porcelain veneers can create a dramatic change in your smile as soon as they are applied.

An attractive smile often enhances one’s self-esteem and confidence. There is something about an appealing smile that just makes you feel good about yourself; particularly if you have been hiding your smile due to dental flaws. Dental veneers cover up flaws such as badly discolored teeth, misshapen teeth, tiny gaps between teeth, and crooked teeth.

Having veneers applied is not a decision to be made lightly. This is a permanent procedure and though highly effective, they may need to be replaced in the future. You should be prepared to incur additional costs later if your veneers need to be replaced. Good oral hygiene is also vital to the longevity of veneers.

To find out if you are a good candidate for dental veneers, contact our office today to make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Lane. After a thorough examination of your teeth, he will make an assessment and let you know if this procedure is for you. With dental veneers, you could have the perfect smile of your dreams in just a short time.


If you look in the mirror and see dingy, stained teeth when you smile, check into the professional teeth whitening procedure we offer at Lane Family Dental. You could have a younger, more vibrant appearance with cosmetic dentistry by getting your teeth shades whiter than they are right now. You may walk in with dull teeth, but you will walk out with a brighter, whiter smile. Your friends will wonder why you look young and vivacious. Just smile and let them guess.

Over time, teeth lose their luster due to the foods and beverages you consume. Dark colored juices such as grape and cherry juice take a toll on your natural tooth color. So do dark colored berries; even some spices, when consumed on a regular basis, can discolor teeth. Coffee and tea are notorious for staining teeth. Smoking causes discoloration as well.

You do not need to give up the healthy nutrients that darker foods and beverages provide. Just make an appointment to get your teeth whitened. That natural, bright luster will return to your teeth as they are whitened several shades lighter.

Everywhere you look people have bright teeth. Some teeth may even look unnaturally white. The retail market is full of teeth-whitening products so you may wonder why you should invest in a professional whitening procedure. Many over-the-counter products do a sufficient job with whitening your teeth. However, having your teeth whitened by a dental professional affords you a level of security and safety that may be missing with over-the-counter products.

Some over-the-counter products products can actually be harmful to your teeth, weakening the enamel and causing your teeth to be more susceptible to decay. When your teeth are whitened professionally at Lane Family Dental, you can be assured that we are using high quality, safe products that will give you excellent, long-lasting results.

If you want a safe way to whiten your teeth so you can have a bright, appealing smile, contact Lane Family Dental today and make an appointment to get your teeth professionally whitened.