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Pediatric Dentistry

There is something very special about the privilege of being the first one to introduce a child to the world of good oral hygiene. Many people have had difficult experiences in the dental chair during their childhood. Those situations left many of them fearful and anxious about dental visits.

Some adults avoid the dental office completely because of a bad childhood experience. We make it a point to provide your little one with a totally enjoyable time at Lane Family Dental. We want to see our young patients develop into adults who enjoy maintaining a high level of oral care, including regular visits to the dentist.

From the time that the first tooth erupts, we are committed to providing your child with excellent dental treatment. Not only do we make sure they have the best in oral care, but we also provide them with entertaining ways to learn about keeping their teeth healthy. We make learning about brushing and flossing fun!

Children are a joy to work with and Dr. Lane and the dental team at Lane Family Dental are delighted to provide your kids with quality dental care in a kid-friendly environment. At Lane Family Dental, we support parents in helping their kids appreciate the necessity of taking good care of their teeth. Kids speak a special language and we are fluent in it! Kids enjoy the flat screen TVs that keep their mind off dental procedures and they love cuddling up with the blankets and pillows we provide. Your child is assured of having an enjoyable visit with us.


Primary teeth are full of grooves and fissures where bacteria can grow and cause cavities. Sealants prevent cavities from forming in these difficult-to-clean spaces. We know you love your child’s smile and we want to help keep it as bright and beautiful – and as healthy – as it can be!


Today’s families have hectic schedules. Juggling all the activities can make scheduling dental visits challenging. That is why we offer family block scheduling. Bring all the kids on one day to have their dental exams. We can even schedule procedures back-to-back so you will not need to make several trips to the dental office. Ask about family block appointments. Lane Family Dental is dedicated to making your dental visit as convenient as possible.


When your child needs to undergo dental procedures we make it a positive experience with our gentle and caring chairside manner. We realize a lifelong commitment to caring for one’s teeth begins with pleasant experiences around oral care. We provide an enjoyable dental visit in which kids can learn about their teeth and how to properly care for them. At Lane Family Dental we believe in providing a uniquely enjoyable experience for kids in the dental chair.

Call Lane Family Dental today or schedule an appointment online for your child or children. We look forward to seeing our youngest patients.